Turkish Coffee (Türk Kahvesi)

Turkish coffee with its bittersweet, authentic flavor is an indispensable drink in the lives of us, Turkish people. You can come across many household in Turkey that serve their guests Turkish coffee as well as Turkish tea. The most important detail in the preparation of Turkish coffee is its foams. We simply have to drink it with the creamy bubbles on top. It is usually served along with a glass of water to be drunk before the coffee so that the flavor of the coffee can be savored to the fullest.

2 heaped tsp Turkish coffee
1 Turkish coffee cup of water
1 tsp sugar
1 Turkish coffee pot


- Place the sugar and coffee in the coffee pot. Add the water and stir with a small spoon until the coffee is blended with water and sugar.
- Place the coffee pot on the stove and cook in low heat. When bubbles start forming, pour the coffee to the coffee cup.
- Serve with chocolate or liqueur.

                           Cooking                                                   Bubbles forming   


The grounds remaining at the bottom of a Turkish coffee cup are never simply washed away. When the coffee is finished, the saucer is closed on top of the cup. Then, it is turned upside down onto the saucer and left to cool. The coffee grounds dry inside the cup, leaving unique patterns each time Turkish coffee is consumed and is used as a means of fortune-telling.

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