Welcome to the Turkish Food & Recipes Blog! My name is Berfu. I am a major in English literature, author of two -soon to be published- children books and a fan of my mom’s homemade food recipes. I am a girl of warm, giving spirit, one that you shall always find a big smile on her face. I have an undying passion for English. It is one of the reasons why you will find this blog in English and not in Turkish. I love to write. Mainly on an imaginative level, but as it is with translating the recipes to English, I am eager to learn new things and expand my vocabulary. I am a perfectionist. Now this is a tricky trait, especially when it comes to writing and putting up this blog. I have to make sure all the recipes are just right and have the perfect proportions. I have to make sure the photos are worked thoroughly in Photoshop. I have the most wonderful twin sister, who is willing to spend her time in the kitchen with me and bear my obsessions of order and perfection. You will find the recipes; some cooked by me and my sister, others by my mom as I attentively follow every step of her cooking and photograph it. Hopefully, this site will be a guide to anyone who is interested in Turkish food culture. For questions, comments or photography tips leave a comment at anytime.

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